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This is the only skateboard trick I ever learned.
hangin out, drawin ramona flowers
More Battle City previews.
A sneak a-peek of my illustration for Battle City. I love hot pink.
I’ve been looking at a lot of low-poly art lately, and I wish my entire life looked like this.
P.S. Oh hey! I also have a shop now where you can buy some prints of stuff I drew!
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This isn’t a real entry since the contest is over, but I did a quick sketch Ramona Flowers cause apparently that was a thing that I missed out on.
Instead of doing real work, I sketched a yakuza goon from Showdown In Little Tokyo AKA my favorite movie.
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Humphrey Q. was once a great adventurer. Now he is a not-so-great adventurer.
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Fall stuff!
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oh hey
I played Ico this weekend. 
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